Introduction to the Clinical Clerkship

About this Workshop

Residents are at the frontlines of teaching medical students. They need to know not only how to teach but the expectations of the clerkship as well. This PowerPoint is a template; you can add site-specific information to the relevant slides including clerkship length, director's name, learning objectives, etc. to orient residents to the clerkship.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify rationale for residents as teachers in clerkships
  • Describe clerkship, including format and learning objectives
  • Define student's roles and responsibilities
  • Define resident's roles and responsibilities

Facilitator's Guide


  • Optimum number of learners: 5-10
  • Approximate run times: 30-45mins
  • AV Requirements: speakers


Slide #2 Workshop Objectives
Slide #3 Rationale for Residents as Teachers
Slide #4-11 The Clerkship
Slide #12-13 The Student
Slides #14-24 The Resident
Slide #25 Acknowledgements

Workshop Materials

PowerPoint Presentation
New Resident Orientatio n | Presentation Notes

Events Log

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