Tips for Creating an Effective Learning Environment

About this Workshop

The goal of any clerkship is to provide medical students with a positive educational experience. This workshop will provide residents with strategies to engage medical students from the first day of the clerkship.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify principles of adult learning theory
  • Describe strategies for setting up an effective learning environment
  • Apply adult learning theory principles to orient the learner
  • Analyze learning environments

Facilitator's Guide


  • Optimum number of learners: 5-10
  • Approximate run times: 1 hour
  • AV Requirements: speakers


Slide #2 Workshop Objectives
Slide #3-4 Scenario & Discussion
Slide #4 Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers & Learners
Slide #5 Carter's First Day & Discussion
Slides #6-10 Characteristics of Effective Learning Climates
Slide #11& Setting Expectations
Slides #12 Learning to Play Catch & Discussion
Slides #13-16 Clinical Application
Slide #17-18 RIME Framework
Slide #19 Putting it All Together
Slide #22 Teaching Reflectively

Workshop Materials

PowerPoint Presentation

Orienting the Learner | Presentation Notes

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