The New Feedback Sandwich

About this Workshop

Often medical students receive generic verbal feedback such as, "Good Job!", but what does "Good Job!" really mean? Employing video and small group discussion, residents will learn key components of giving effective feedback.

Workshop Objectives

  • Describe rationale for giving feedback
  • Discuss barriers to giving effective feedback
  • Practice analyzing teaching videos
  • Describe process of giving effective feedback for lifelong learning - including the incorporation of reflection into the process

Facilitator Guide


  • Optimum number of learners:
  • Approximate run time: 1h10min
  • AV requirements: speakers


Learning Objectives -- Slide #2
Rationale for Giving Feedback - Slide #3-4
What does the literature says? -Slide #5, 7
5-7 minutes
Group discussion on challenges - Slide #6
Domains of Feedback -- Slide #8
15 minutes
Video activities - Slides #9-13 35 minutes
Professionalism (ACGME Competency) 1 minute
Old Feedback Sandwich - Slide #15
New Feedback Sandwich - Slide #16-22
Benefits of New Feedback Sandwich - Slide #23
End with Ende - Slide #24
10 minutes

Workshop Materials

PowerPoint Presentation

Beyond the Feedback Sandwich | Presentation Notes


Videos used in this workshop
Sleeping Good | Sleeping Bad
Sleeping Good | Sleeping Bad
Other Feedback videos Mid Clerkship Feedback
Post Feedback
Midpoint Good | Midpoint Bad
Mid Clerkship Feedback
Post Feedback
Midpoint Good | Midpoint Bad

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  • Ende J. Feedback in Clinical Medical Education. JAMA 1983;250:777-781.(PMID: 6876333)
  • Bing-You RG, Trowbridge RL. Why medical educators may be failing at feedback. JAMA 2009;302:1330-1331.(PMID: 19773569)
  • Branch J, Paranjape A. Feedback and Reflection: Teaching Methods for Clinical Settings. Academic Medicine. 2002;77:1185-1188.(PMID: 12480619)

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